Keeping your dog warm.

Simply flick the switch and rest assured that your most loyal companion can spend the cold winter months in warmth and comfort.

The K9 Heater is a thermostatically controlled heater which has been specifically designed to fit inside your dogs kennel keeping your trusted friend warm and cosy both night and day.

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Simple, Safe
and Efficient

The K9 Heater is British designed and manufactured and simple to install in most dog kennels. It will keep your dog warm whilst being both energy efficient and effective. This will then give you peace of mind that while you are sleeping your pet is safe and warm.

The best gift
you can give your pet.

With the K9 Heater installed you will no longer have to worry about the weather forecast. Simply plug in, turn the thermostat to the desired temperature and then you can rest knowing that your faithful friend is safe and warm both night and day. Not only is the K9 Heater convenient, but by having an accurate thermostat it is also energy efficient. The K9 Heater will only turn on when the temperature drops.

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About Us

We live in the Norfolk countryside with our 3 dogs. After a couple of very cold winters and many nights spent worrying about the dogs in their kennel feeling cold, we started to search for an effective kennel heater to keep them both warm and safe. After much searching we were unable to find anything which truly met just what we were looking for so we decided to design our own K9 Heater.

Our dogs are so warm and happy in their kennel both in the cold winter nights and on days when the outside temperature stays very low. We are proud that our K9 Heater is both British designed and manufactured to ensure the product is of exceptional quality and safe for both our and now your trusted companions.

Smart Designed

  • Designed and made
    in Britain
  • Dimensions: Height 325mm Width 222mm and Depth 145mm
  • Built
    to Last
  • Made of powder coated steel and an arctic grade cable suitable for outdoor use.
  • Premium
  • No sharp edges, warm air not hot air, will not burn your dog.
    Approvals -
    IP Rating - 
  • Thermostatically
  • Heats from 5° to 30° max. 1kw of power easily heats kennels up to 6 cubic metres (as with any home a kennel will need to be insulated to retain heat.)
  • Fast, Easy Installation
  • The K9 Heater is very simple to install. There are no exposed cables for mouths to chew inside the sleeping area. Simply drill a hole for the power cord, mount the unit, set the thermostat and sit back knowing your dog is safe, warm and happy.
  • Satisfaction Guaranteed
  • Owners and dogs love the K9 Heater but if for some reason you are not satisfied with your purchase we offer a 14 day standard return policy. Simply contact us for a return authorisation and once we receive the heater back in its original condition and in the original packaging we will be happy to issue a refund. All K9 Heater are covered by a standard 1 year manufactures warranty.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What size of kennel is the K9 Heater designed for?

    The K9 heater will heat a well insulated dog kennel up to 6 cubic meters. It can of course be used for smaller dog kennels as well. It can provide a temperature range from 5°C to 30°C. You do however need to take into consideration how cold the outside temperature is, how well insulated your kennel is and if it has a flap or door fitted. As with any home a kennel will need to be insulated to retain heat. Once your preset desired temperature is reached it will shut off and automatically turn back on as the temperature falls.
  • How do I determine the size of my kennel?

    To work out cubic meters simply multiply length x width x height. For example: 2m long x 1m wide x 1.5m high = 3 cubic metres.
  • My dog loves to chew. Should I be worried?

    No! The power cable comes out of the back of the heater and if fitted to our recommendations your dog will not have access to it. The enclosure is made of powder coated steel so should withstand chewing mouths.

    If you are concerned that your dog is a complete vandal and will literally eat anything, you may wish to purchase one of our metal guards which can be easily fitted over the front of the heater to add extra protection. Please see fitting instructions for further detail.

  • How much does the K9 Heater cost to run?

    The K9 Heater is a 1KW thermostatically controlled heater. It has a temperature range of 5*C to 30*C. The amount of time the heater will be on will depend on several factors, including, the size of the kennel, the desired temperature of the kennel set by the user, how well the kennel is insulated, if the kennel has a door or flap and the external air temperature. It is therefore impossible for us to give you an exact costing.
  • Does the K9 Heater work in a small kennel?

    Yes! The K9 Heater will heat any space as it will automatically turn off once the desired temperature, set by you, is reached. You must however be able to adhere to the fitting instructions where you will have a minimum clearance of 100mm from the top and both sides of the heater and sufficient minimum distance from the bottom of the heater to the top of the dog when lying / standing. There needs to be a gap of at least 200mm clear air space if the dog is able to be directly under the heater output at the bottom. This is to allow the warm air to circulate freely and avoid overheating of the K9 heater. If you have concerns about being able to adhere to the minimum distances recommended you can purchase one of our metal guards which can be easily fitted over the front of the heater to make sure the airflow cannot be blocked.
  • Does the K9 Heater make any noise?

    The K9 Heater has a small fan which gently blows air out of the bottom. There is a low level of noise associated with this which is measured at approximately 50 decibels. For comparison it has a decibel level similar to a domestic refrigerator.

Set it and forget it

  • Termostatically Controlled
  • Virtually indestructible powder coated steel enclosure
  • Heats kennels up to 6 cubic metres
  • Easy Installation, takes only minutes
  • Extremely safe, cool to touch
  • Made in the UK