• Zeal Indoor/Outdoor thermometer

    Zeal Indoor/Outdoor thermometer

    An ideal addition to your k9 Heater purchase, to accurately monitor both external and internal kennel temperatures. The Zeal Indoor/Outdoor thermometer that features large, easy to read dual displays with max/min memory functions. Accurately measures temperature over the range -50°c to + 70°c. For use in this instance the remote sensor should be placed inside the kennel area that is being heated, with the unit be placed on the outside of the kennel in an easy to read position, please make sure it is protected from the elements. Note the readings will be the opposite way round when the thermometer is used in this way.
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  • K9 Wire Guard

    K9 Wire Guard

    The wire guard is an optional extra purchase and is helpful if you have a dog that excessively chews or are concerned about the minimum distance required between the bottom of the heater and your dog. It is important to make sure that there is sufficient minimum distance from the bottom of the heater to the top of the dog when lying / standing. There needs to be a gap of at least 200mm clear air space if the dog is able to be directly under the heater output at the bottom. This is to allow the warm air to circulate freely and avoid overheating of the K9 Heater. The guard will help to ensure that the heater cannot be obstructed or chewed by your dog whilst in it’s kennel. This will maintain a good airflow from the bottom of the heater to prevent it from overheating or protect it from becoming damaged by a chewing mouth. The guard measures 53cm height, 43cm width, 20cm depth.
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